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Financing Solutions

EAKO Capital has partnered with Ebury and Spark Finance, an FCA-regulated credit/finance broker, to offer clients access to a wide array of 100 lenders, offering a range of funding products and solutions.

Trade finance

The Trade Finance provider (lender) will pay your supplier upfront for the goods.

Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance enables clients to borrow money against their outstanding customer invoices.

business loans

Providing Unsecured and Secured Loans.

Asset finance

Asset Finance involves obtaining funding for the purchase of a specific asset, or sometimes a pool of assets.

Trade Finance

EAKO has partnered with Ebury and Spart Finance to enable its clients to pay their key suppliers early.

Borrow up to £3 million

Reduce your liquidity needs with our longer payments terms, up to 150 days.

Pay as you go

There are no upfront or hidden fees, meaning you can use the facility whenever you like without incurring unnecessary costs.

Your goods are yours

We take no collateral, which means there's no impact on any existing credit lines that you may have with other financial partners.

As an importer, how does trade finance work?

Pay your supplier in their local currency and repay in yours.  Avoid currency fluctuation risks and reduce costs.

Pay your supplier earlier.  Improve your supplier relationships and negotiate discounts.

Align your outgoings with your income and take control of your finances.

Your supplier sends you an invoice.

You forward the invoice to Ebury and Ebury pays your supplier in any currency.

You sell your goods or services.

You repay Ebury up to 150 days later in your domestic currency.

Invoice Finance

Boost your cash flow with Invoice Finance and get early access to the funds owed to you.

Invoice finance is when the lender uses an unpaid invoice as security for funding, giving you quick access to a percentage of that invoice’s value quickly, sometimes within 24 hours.

B2B sales

Only applicable for B2B sales where you invoice other businesses for goods and/or services.

Advance up to 90%

A lender will advance up to 90% of the invoice value on day 1 and then will pay the remaining value minus fees once the invoice has been paid.

UK and Overseas

Can be used for both UK and overseas invoices.  Can also be used in addition to a Trade Finance facility or simply on a stand-alone basis.

Business Loans

There are two types of business loan - secured and unsecured loans.

Unsecured Loans

An Unsecured Business Loan does not require the borrower to provide collateral or security to the lender (other than a personal guarantee).

Secured Loans

A Secured Business Loan requires the borrower to provide collateral or security to the lender.

Asset Finance

Asset finance involves obtaining funding for the purchase of a specific asset, or sometimes a pool of asset.

This can be a new or raising funds against an existing asset (Asset Refinance).

Available on commercial vehicles, cars, plant and machinery (non-specialist), and all types of business equipment.  It is even available on furniture, fittings, IT, security and specialist catering equipment.

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